Fieldstation 2022

– a process exhibition and residency with open studios by and with S L A M and invited artists

Manuel Canu (IT/DK), Sigrid Espelien (NO), Jennifer Forsberg (SE),

Berenice Hernández (MEX/SE), Aino Ojala, (FI) and S L A M / Annika Enqvist (SE), Karin Auran Frankenstein (SE), Henny Linn Kjellberg (SE), Moa Lönn (SE) in collaboration with sound artist Hendrik Willekens (BE/SE).

Utilising materials and sound which derive largely from the landscape, ten artists have created site-specifici nstallations that deal with temporality, documentation,translation, transformation, labour and public participation .The works show new ways of working in conversation with clay on the one hand, and works in dialogue with the place and its history, the people living there and possible new beginnings on the other.

In the exhibition you find works that examine the value of manual labour in performative pieces, films or installations. Several artists explore the temporality of clay throughlarge-scale works that contain works made with unfiredclay that morph over the course of the exhibition or time-based works.

The artists in the exhibition have been working with practice-based research, combining fieldwork, theory and documentation when visiting industrial and post-industrial landscapes to explore the history as well as thecontemporary conditions of the site. The methods used also draw from social and bodily experiences, ephemeral and performative aspects of how to bring multiple perspectives and narratives to connect with local histories, cultural heritage, and alternative narrations. Building on, and engaging with local workers’ memories has also been informing the process.

Acting as a platform for art, meetings and processes that grow from the soil, Fieldstation is asking questions, challenging perceptions, and exploring regenerative processes of the places of histories around Bromölla. In Fieldstation, the group S L A M applies a relational curatorial format for artistic research and site-specific production at Ifö Center Art Hall in Lerlagret. In collaboration with Ifö Center S L A M has initiated a mini-residency and hands-on workshop for explorations of the local context, opening up for new ways of understanding the place in a time of transformation.

S L A M / Annika Enqvist, Henny Linn Kjellberg Moa Lönn and Karin Auran Frankenstein – Curators of Fieldstation 2022



3/9 at 11.00: Participate in the filming of Arbetarens väg / The Worker Walk

Join the artist Jennifer Forsberg in a filmed re-enactment of the walk of the factory workers through the town of Bromölla. The focus is on the many feet threading the path from Storgatan to the old factory gates at Ivö Industrimuseum. For pre-registration and information, please phone: 073 996 45 47. Wrap party with coffee and cake for all participants at Ifö Industrimuseum at 13.00 the same day.


5–10/9 at 10:00–18:00: Open studios with the artists participating in Fieldstation

Follow the work while it is created in real time on site with the artists working processes-based and site-specific building the exhibition Fieldstation at Lerlagret/the Clay Storage, Ifö Center Art Hall for a week.


5/9 at 12.30: introduction of Fieldstation and performative reading When Clay Speaks

Meet the artist collective and curatorial group SLAM and get a curatorial introduction to the project, as well as an immersive performance.


5/9 at 16.00 and 6/9 at 17.00: Participatory workshop Rolling Clay Beads

Join in to co-create a large clay pearl necklace with artist Jennifer Forsberg. For all ages.


7/9 at 17.00–19.00: Workshop in clay: Gökverkstad/ Ocarina workshop

Make your own ocarina (clay cuckoo bird) together with the artist group SLAM. For all ages.


8/9 at 19.00: Performance Smörj/Anoint with SLAM

Treat yourself to a participatory, interactive experience with fragrance and beneficial substances. For all ages.


10/9 at 13.00–15.00: Opening of the exhibition Fieldstation

Welcome to experience unique pieces created onsite with a curatorial introduction to the exhibition, artist talks and live sound performance by Hendrik Willekens.


11–18/9: The exhibition Fieldstation is open to the public

The exhibition is open to the public at Ifö Center Art Hall, Lerlagret/the Clay Storage, weekdays 10:00–18:00 and Saturday 13:00–17:00.

FIELDSTATION 2022 is organized on the initiative of S L A M as curators in collaboration with Ifö Center. It is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committée, the Swedish Arts Council , the Nordic Culture Fund, Region Skånes Utvecklingsstöd, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Nämnden för Hemslöjdsfrågor and Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse.