Aino Ojala (b. 1991) is a Helsinki-based visual artist and textile designer. She works with clay and textiles. In her artistic practice Ojala has an interest in themes of touch, contact , intimacy, and skin. To experience the world through crafts and the grounding interaction between the human body and material. She graduated from the Turku Arts Academy in 2018 and graduated with a MFA at Aalto University 2022.

Drops 2022

Installation made of porcelain,readymade objects, recycled clay fromthe factory and electronics

The installation consists of parts of theartist’s skin and clothes, reproduced in porcelain, readymade objects andrecycled clay found from the oldfactory, as well as electronics thatactivate when the exhibition visitortouches the part in front of theinstallation.

The work begins from the bodily processof mold making and casting the artist’sown body. I feel the plaster around
my limbs and the clay in my hands. Itsticks to my body hair and goes undermy fingernails. Working with fragileporcelain pieces makes me bend. I

try to accept the imperfection. Try toremember that I am not a robot. Theclay lives and transforms. You shape itwith your touch. Touch is a vital but alsoa destroying force.

This is my attempt to keep it together. Building, destroying, fixing.

Photos by Tina Stridfeldt

Films by Filip Tell

Fotography by Tina Stridberg
Komplettering SLAM - 120
Komplettering SLAM - 39
Komplettering SLAM - 109