Manuel Canu (b. 1979 in Italy) is a visual artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a BA in 3D Ceramic Design from Bath Spa University, England. One of the focal points of his work is the presence of nature as a reference in architecture – for example in ornaments. Over the years, he has developed a practice where he uses techniques from drawing and sculpting in clay to explore architectural and sculptural aspects of space, form, gravity and materiality in site-specific installations constructed in unfired clay. The works are constructed in unfired clay and dry during the exhibition period. It creates a process where they shrink, crack and where they can even break. It is an aesthetic where the expression is in constant change. A driving force in Manuel Canu's work is the desire to create reflection on the impermanent and temporarity in the physical world.

Ivo Khan- The kill, the hunt and the

fall, 2022

Installation with raw and fired clay anda written story

As the legend goes, King Atte Ivarssonof Brattingsborg, king of Ivo, was atyrant who was punished by the godsby sinking his kingdom into Ivos lakeand turning his treasure into shells witha skull printed on them. A millenniumlater, Ivos island will suffer a newcatastrophe, this time caused by thehand of a man who will exploit its landwith no concern, scarring forever itslandscape.

Inspired by mythology and actualevents, for this exhibition I have writtena manuscript enacted by an installationwhich is structured by following therules of Greek tragedy.

Here is the story of a man of honestintents turning into a villain, the rage ofa depicted God that once loved him, therise and fall of an empire and the tragicephemerality of life which we dare notlook in the eyes.

Komplettering SLAM - 53

Photos by Tina Stridfeldt

Films by Filip Tell