Annika Enqvist (SE)
Karin Auran Frankenstein (SE)Henny Linn Kjellberg (SE)Moa Lönn (SE)

What Grows in the Shadows 2022

SLAM is exploring the connection between physical landscapes and memory. The work resides in the borderland between fiction, historical stageings, and the many actual leftover objects and environments of the site and the memories that they carry. Playing with the ideas of both translation and transformation, and blurring time and space, light and sound, SLAM is aiming to capture the poetical and theatrical as well as the darker, more challenging and sometimes difficult aspects of the factory. SLAM

is combining large-scale raw clay works reminiscing once used but currently redundant forms in need of repurposing with tools and interiors from the factory itself, with hybrids of found objects transformed through craft. Makingmanifest something that you couldn’t really see otherwise. By combining scientific knowledge with a crafted parallel dreamworld, SLAM examines the conditions of fieldworks in collective processes. Mapping local agencies,businesses, economies, minerals and materials, struggles and dreams.

Fieldworks: Touching the Earth andObservations 2022

This installation shows the fieldwork SLAM has conducted over three years during the group’s recurrent visits to Bromölla 2019–2022. Working
with alternative ways of approaching the clay, such as radical listening practices and through giving it afictional subjective voice paired withnew understandings of clay and its processes, history, and potentials, SLAM is examining the everyday, traditions and histories of the place with what is available as traces, stories and actual people on site. The challenges

of translating memories and rebuilding environments and repurposing objects have followed SLAM in this work.

The installation holds a number of works exploring the voice of clay, the balance between labour and leisure, work and play, clay and care. It also touches

upon loss, rituals, and identity. SLAM has explored ways of translation and transformation; of materials, spaces, histories, and atmospheres of the
place – through mappings, installations, films, performances and new material methodologies.

Photos by Tina Stridfeldt

Films by Filip Tell

Komplettering SLAM - 81
Komplettering SLAM - 76
Komplettering SLAM - 91